Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Lunch Bunch at the Gallivan Center

The Lunch Bunch at the Gallivan Center attracted me last Friday.  They have an area at the Gallivan that they set up for people to come into and sit in the shade and eat their lunch.

The Center also brings in entertainment for the lunch crowd.  

There is a pavilion set up for a stage and they have all the sound equipment to use for performances.

I decided to go Friday because my son was playing for the Lunch Bunch and the ensemble he has organized was playing also, and so we went.

They played for a little over an hour and the people in the audience would come and go as the time allowed.  It was very pleasant and the Gallivan Center is a very nice venue and it makes a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of work for a few minutes.  Click on photo below for more photos.
Lunch Bunch at Gallivan Center
The ensemble members are on guitars:  Swede Larson, Chase Steffanson, John Cedarquist, Gabino Flores; and Natalia Zhuravlova plays the cello.

Swede has undertaken a good sized recording project and for those who are interested the status of the recordings are being tracked on his website, www.swedesguitar.com, along with music clips and albums that can be downloaded.  

It proved to be a very pleasant experience with the Lunch Bunch at the Gallivan Center.   

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