Friday, September 24, 2010

A Sunday Mornings Nostalgia

Sunday mornings are ones I find very peaceful and I seem to get a lot of memories coming back of quieter times when there was less hustle and bustle, at least it seems so.

I still have a strong desire for small town rural living.  It seems that the growth in this area just continues to move along and without much slowdown.  The population of the town where I live is right close to 100,000 and is still growing and over the last 15 years the north end of Utah County has grown at a fantastic rate.

Two new cities Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs have been started and they continue to grow and expand. The freeway is under going another makeover right now and is expanding.  It has been woefully inadequate these last few years with the tremendous growth that has taken place and really needs these improvements in order to handle the traffic now.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Changing Leaves That Time Of Year

Here it is the 13th of September and I thought I would ride up the canyon and see how the leaves were doing on the color changes.  And I found they were not letting any moss grow on their trunks.

 I thought I would be early enough to see just the start of the color in the leaves but not so.  The change has already gotten well underway.

 I am going to watch each week to see if I can get a better view of the sequence of the changes.

Here is an slide show with a number of pictures of the canyon and also South Fork Canyon.  Watch for the next week it will be coming!

Color Changes Provo Canyon 2010-09-13

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bluff, Utah

I took a trip earlier this summer down to Bluff, which is in the southeast portion of Utah right on the San Juan River.  We went down to meet some friends who were coming up from Phoenix, Arizona, and were bringing my grandkids to my son so they could visit for a few weeks.

We made a three day trip out of it and it was a good trip but we didn't get to see all that was in the area and all that I had hoped to see.

In thinking about the area I was reminded that this area was settled by a group of individuals who were called from the areas around Cedar City and Parowan, by early church leaders, in 1879.  They made a trek across some of the wildest and unforgiving country in the West and it is an unbelievable story in and of itself.  A 6 week journey ended up being a 6 month ordeal but they made it and settled the beginnings of Bluff, Blanding and Monticello and the surrounding area.

When we arrived in Bluff we met up with the friends but in looking for a camp space we decided to go back towards Blanding.  The area in Bluff was hot, well over 100 degrees, and the mosquitos were in swarms.  So we drove north to the White Mesa area closer to Blanding and found a nice spot to camp.

It was somewhat cooler and we were in the trees.  Yellow Jack Pines no less!

There was also lots of interesting country around the campground to explore.  I found some caves in the cliffs that had the start of walls built in them.  This whole area is covered with Indian ruins and writings and these looked to be temporary shelters that had been started.

There were a large number of cliffs in the area and quite a few caves in the cliffs but I didn't have enough time to really get into the exploring.  Course we really had come to pick up the grandkids.

We were in the area for a couple of days and did do quite a bit of exploring, I found an old ski lift and we also went up to Lake Monticello.  (I would probably call it a pond) I didn't say that!  There were plenty of Crawdads but nobody wanted to cook them.