About Me!

I am starting a blog which is really quite crazy for me!  For the last 25 to 30 years I have spent my time trying to blend in and not be too noticeable.  Starting a blog may not be a big deal but it feels like it to me.  All at once I want to start sharing thoughts, passions, ideas, all sorts of things.  I guess that saying "all at once I want to start sharing" is not really the whole truth.  The idea has been marinating in my mind for some time now.  

Still it's CRAZY---Don't Ya Think!
Some facts about me:  I am an old fart who grew up in the 40s and 50s.  I grew up in the middle of 55 acres of lush pasture and some of my best friends are horses.  Eddie Arnold, Marty Robbins, Elvis, The Everly Brothers are some favorites of mine from the era I grew up in and I cried the day Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Richie Valens died.  Probably only a few will remember them.  I live in Utah and love the state and the surrounding states here in the intermountain west.  
I have a wide variety of interests and so I plan to have a number of topics I want to touch on in this blog.  Those topics include my family, my cars, I love custom cars (especially like old Caddies).  History fascinates me, old relics and Indian sites, old mines and ghost towns and these are just a few.  That makes for a wide variety of variety of topics to tackle.  I have a number of other blogs associated and linked to this one that will delve into specific areas of my passions.  The nice part is there is a fantastic amount of country surrounding me and it is filled with all kinds of sites and interesting treasures.
I must say though that I am the  writer, proof reader, editor, publisher, I take care of graphics and animation, I am webmaster, site designer, site reviewer, 'feature sites' judge and jury, marketing specialist, and traffic analyst.  I also do the cooking  and cleaning and surprise I have aged a little (well maybe a lot).

This is me today..................

......oldie, but goodie! 

I am calling my main blog Woody's Wanderings and want to write about the wanderings that take place as I visit the many places and sites around this great country.  In addition on the right side of the blog are More Wanderings that are directed to specific passions that I love.  I also have an active mind and there are a great many things that come and go in my mind as I drive, so along with the places and sites  I want to also incorporate my tidbits, some ideas, musings and I want to incorporate those mental wanderings also.  Also an occasional rant that may come up.    

I love to drive because that affords lots of time to see country and just wander, physically and mentally but I am also afflicted with a healthy case of nostalgia and that has a big influence on most everything I do.  I love memories and intend to build many, many more.